Is it illegal to fly to Ercan Airport? (2024)

Is it illegal to fly to Ercan Airport?

“ERCAN” (TYMBOU) is a closed airport situated in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus, which the Government of Cyprus, as the sole legitimate and internationally recognized authority on the island, has declared since 1974 as an illegal point of entry into and exit from the Republic of Cyprus, for the reason of ...

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Is Ercan Airport legal?

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus considers the use of Ercan Airport to exit or enter the island illegal.

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Is it legal to fly to Northern Cyprus?

EU citizens may thus now cross the Green Line provided that they have entered Cyprus from a legal point of entry (airport or port declared open by the Republic of Cyprus). Other nationalities may be arrested and deported by Greek-Cypriot authorities if they entered the island via the north.

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Can i fly to Ercan in North Cyprus?

You can fly to Ercan Airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines.

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Why can't you fly direct to Northern Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus has not designated any airport in the northern part of Cyprus with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); as such, no airports in that part of Cyprus are listed by ICAO as open for international traffic.

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Can US citizens travel to North Cyprus?

Foreigners visiting the TRNC may be granted a visa up to 90 days, depending on its type, at the designated ports and border crossings, provided that they fulfil the conditions stipulated in the Aliens and Immigration Law and they are not deemed unfit to enter the country.

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Is Cyprus safe for American tourists?

Cyprus is generally considered to be a safe holiday destination and the UK Foreign Office hasn't updated its advice on travelling to the island since the fighting between Israel and Hamas began. However, it warns that the British government does not recognise “the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

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Can you travel freely between north and south Cyprus?

If you are an EU citizen there have been NO restrictions to prevent you crossing the North/South border in Cyprus since 2003. You are free to cross and spend as long as you wish by producing your passport or ID card.

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Can you enter Cyprus from Ercan Airport?

Enter and exit the Republic of Cyprus ONLY at Larnaca and Paphos airports and at the seaports of Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. The Republic of Cyprus does not consider entry at Ercan Airport in the north to be a “legal” entrance into Cyprus.

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Are planes still flying to Cyprus?

Yes – some airlines fly direct to Cyprus.

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Are there any direct flights to Northern Cyprus?

Travelers usually depart from Gatwick, Heathrow, London Stansted, Luton, or London City when they travel from London to Northern Cyprus. The most popular airlines for this route are Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and easyJet. London and Northern Cyprus have 401 direct flights per week.

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Where can you fly to from Ercan Airport?

Find amazing prices on the best routes from Ercan International (ECN) when you travel with
  • Ankara. Turkey.
  • Adana. Turkey.
  • Istanbul. Turkey.
  • İzmir. Turkey.
  • Antalya. Turkey.
  • London. Kingdom.
  • Dubai. Emirates.
  • Lagos. Nigeria.

Is it illegal to fly to Ercan Airport? (2024)
Why are flights to Cyprus so late?

Cyprus is probably one of the furthest places in Europe that low cost and charter flights fly and so by flying late they minimise their risk of delays, and then equally they have all day to run a quick hop or two for the aircraft. Either that or Cypriot airports make it cost effective to have these odd flight times.

Which airlines are still flying to Cyprus?

What airlines fly to Cyprus?
  • easyJet.
  • British Airways.
  • Jet2.
  • TUI fly.
  • Ryanair.
  • Turkish Airlines.

What is the new airline to North Cyprus?

Fly Kıbrıs Airlines (Fly KHY) was launched this week at a ceremony held at Ercan Airport's new terminal building. The new airline will make its first scheduled flight from Istanbul Airport to Ercan Airport on Thursday, April 16, with 174 passengers on board an Airbus A 320 aircraft.

How long can a US citizen stay in North Cyprus?

You can cross the buffer zone and enter the Turkish Cypriot-administered area by showing a valid U.S. passport at one of the recognized checkpoints. You can stay in the Turkish Cypriot-administered area for less than 90 days. The Republic of Cyprus does not recognize residence permits issued by Turkish Cypriots.

Can I retire to North Cyprus?

North Cyprus also offers a really relaxed life in retirement. Here you can spend your days by the pool or the beach, working in the garden or trying out different restaurants, going on a wine tasting or a spa day. But if you want to be active at the same time, there is absolutely a lot to do and get involved in.

Do Americans need a visa for Northern Cyprus?

British, EU and US passport holders do not need tourist visas for North Cyprus entry and up to a 90-day stay is permitted for visitors as per the conditions below. Touristic visitors that will stay at hotel or rented accommodation can be issued a visa for a maximum of 30 days.

Is English widely spoken in Cyprus?

The official languages in Cyprus are Turkish and Greek, but English is also widely spoken. English is less popular than Greek, but it is widely used in many areas, especially in tourism and culture, and most people in the country, are familiar with English.

What are the disadvantages of living in Cyprus?

Despite many benefits, living in Cyprus has some disadvantages. First, job opportunities in Cyprus are limited, so expats looking for career opportunities can face difficulties. Although North and South Cyprus managed to settle the national conflict in recent years, a risk of political instability still persists.

Can you drink tap water in Cyprus?

Is Cyprus tap water drinkable? The answer is in – without a doubt; you can drink tap water in Paphos (and all of Cyprus). Whether you reach for the tap or bottled Water is your discretion. But with its reliable safety and quality standards, you can be sure that drinking tap water in Paphos is perfectly safe.

Are Cypriots friendly?

Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots have a reputation for being very hospitable to guests. It is common for people to be offered an invitation to visit someone's home quite early on in a friendship. Women often like to make impromptu visits to their neighbours' homes.

What is the difference between Cyprus and North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is not part of the EU, and is primarily Turkish, using the Turkish Lira currency. Unlike South Cyprus, there are no big international business chains in the north, just local businesses and friendly people.

Can you visit the Nicosia airport?

The press release issued today stated that "Although access to the airport terminal is deemed unsafe due to years of abandonment and lack of maintenance, thanks to the NIC platform, it is now possible to explore it again, virtually walking all its spaces including offices, shops, public and restricted areas, bringing ...

Is Famagusta still a ghost town?

It is quite strange to walk around a once glamorous and thriving holiday resort that had to be abandoned nearly 50 years ago and is now a ghost town quietly rotting away and being reclaimed by nature.


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